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Covers for Inspection Boxes
ARAM offers a complete range of manhole access covers made of aluminum and stainless steel.


Recessed cover with triple seal model ARAM DC Pro-Line. The lid is made of extruded aluminum. Manufactured in accordance with BS:EN124. A watertight cover, screwed to the outer frame. Two robust EPDM seals at the base of the cover and a T-shaped seal ring integrated into the side of the outer rim. This unique “T” shaped seal provides an additional barrier, elasticity to prevent tension between the recessed cover and the rim, and finally the prevention of debris from entering between the cover and the rim.


Product characteristics:

  • Easy-opening extruded aluminum frame
  • Odor-proof and watertight lid

  • Recommended for indoor/outdoor applications

  • Cover tightening/opening and lifting wrench

  • With application of two rubber EPDM seals

  • T-shaped on the outside of the rim

  • Closing system with stainless steel screws

  • Screws protected with plastic shields


PRO LINE aluminum covers for inspection boxes

Stainless steel BLUCHER covers

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