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Hotels and Restaurants
Commercial buildings: Hotels, Canteens, Restaurants and Shopping Centers

Drainage systems in hotels, restaurants and canteens have to fulfill particularly high requirements. Hygiene is a top priority for customers and regulatory authorities. Functionality, safety and the price/performance ratio are other important factors for the hotel/restaurant/canteen customers and operator. Where KESSEL products are used, these requirements are taken into account down to the last detail.

We offer KESSEL brand shower drains and gutters for bathrooms and spas. This range allows the concept of high quality and customized bathrooms to be perfectly realized. Customers will want to come back. The shower drains and gutters are easy to operate for the cleaning team. Smooth surfaces allow products to be easily sanitized. Grids and siphons are easily removable. In addition, hair filters, odor retention valves and protection against small parasites, Multistop model. The closing and Lock & Lift system provides added security and strength.
In the field of kitchen drainage, KESSEL stainless steel sinks and large capacity floor trays meet the highest standards. Grease Separators are offered in a wide variety, including fully automatic systems for supported or buried mounting. What the variety of our equipment has in common is its ease of maintenance, cleaning, absolute tightness and high resistance against fatty acids. Our represented KESSEL offers a 20-year warranty on PE-AD material.

A lifting station and/or wastewater pumping well should be used downstream of grease separators, as well as to lift water from the shower rooms and the hydrocarbon separator mounted in the basement of the car park. Aram offers a complete range of lift stations and pump sumps in all kinds of different variants and power levels.

Food & Beverage Industry

Wastewater from industrial effluents must be discharged using strict flow, hygiene and safety principles. We have several solutions to keep up with the highest demanding standards. ARAM has a professional industrial range fully prefabricated in BLUCHER brand stainless steel specially designed for industrial applications. Our range offers HygienicPro industrial gutters and drains, as well as stainless steel piping systems and fittings, cover drains with siphonic and gravity systems, as well as Hygienic stainless steel inspection covers.

We also have stainless steel drainage systems with the most advanced Fire-Kit technology for fire protection.
To complement our professional range, we offer solutions for Lift Stations and non-return valves that are used to prevent discharged industrial water from being returned to the building in the event of the return of water from the collecting system.

Our HygienicPro industrial hygienic gutters and sinks solutions are the ideal choice for beverage factories, food processing areas, slaughterhouses, dairy plants and more.

Waste water has to be treated before being discharged into the municipal collector. As such, we have grease and starch separating systems in combination with lifting stations.

Service Areas
Car repair workshops

It becomes more and more imperative that we take care of our water lines and rainwater collectors. Wherever discharges of water contaminated with hydrocarbons are produced, for example service areas, filling stations, car wash areas, workshops, fuel parks, retention basins for fuel tanks, among others, it is imperative to install a hydrocarbon separator before connecting to rainwater drainage system or municipal collector.

family buildings
Multifamily, Apartments and Houses

For most people, building a house is the biggest investment they can make in their lifetime. Therefore, it is extremely important to protect this property. A potential hazard is the backflow of sewage. As the frequency of heavy rains increases, residential areas that have so far been spared are also being affected. Basements can be flooded through unprotected drains, showers, toilets, washbasins and washing machine connections below the return level. Damage caused by flooding typically exceeds the costs of installing backflow protection. ARAM with KESSEL solutions, offers a complete range of products for the general protection of water in the basement. Whether in a new or refurbished building, installed inside or outside the building, in an inspection chamber - the proven Staufix backwater valves, the Staufix FKA and PumpfixF check valves or the Ecolift lifting station ensure safety and straightforward installation. In addition to the Ecolift lifting station that functions as a hybrid station, we have more lifting stations in our product portfolio for basement drainage purposes.

For the bathroom areas, we offer drains with modern, high-quality grates, fully in line with the standards of modern bathroom design concepts, as well as exclusive shower channels for barrier-free, built-in showers. Design grates for shower drains feature a fusion of aesthetics and technology. Eight different stainless steel covers offer plenty of room for individual design desires.The Linearis Comfort shower channel opens up a new creative freedom in bathroom design.

Public/Private Buildings:
Hospitals and Health Centers

Safe and reliable drainage from basement to roof. Powerful lift stations take over the complete drainage of the basement in rooms below the return level and pump wastewater from showers, toilets, washing machines and/or separators to the public collector.

Ecoguss and stainless steel drains are suitable for drainage in large buildings, as are high-quality plastic drains. Thanks to their smooth and permanently corrosion-free surface, Ecoguss drains have significant advantages over classic cast iron drains, where bacteria and germs can form and multiply over time due to corrosion. The floor-level shower channels in our design line are perfect for equipping barrier-free shower rooms. Our range also includes beautiful stainless steel grates for floor drains. We also have a choice of stainless steel top sections to attach to vinyl siding.

Ferrofix stainless steel drains and channels are generally installed in kitchens. There are a large number of tested and reliable systems available. Greasy waste water from the kitchen must be routed through a grease separator. The construction of such grease retention systems is another specialty of our partner KESSEL AG. There is a wide range available for all requirements in this field as well.

Finally, let's deal with the subject of flat roofs. In this sensitive area, we again use Ecoguss high-tech material. Our flat roof drains are designed for welding with bituminous screens. We also have stainless steel gravity and siphonic drainage solutions.


An airport has all the needs of a small town. As such, we have applications that satisfy all of your airport's indoor or outdoor drainage needs.
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