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ARAM Iberia started its activity in 2008 in the import of automatic grease separating equipment to be sold by an English multinational with a branch in Portugal. In 2017, it opened a branch in Spain to promote the solutions of the same British multinational. In the first half of 2019, the partnership with the English group ended. At the end of 2019, already operating fully independently, it took a new direction with operation in 3 different activities, based on:
- Consulting of excellence in drainage and environmental solutions
- Services in Clogging, inspection, infiltration repair, cleaning of grease traps and Bio-repair
- Equipment Installation Department.
Our core business is focused on providing wastewater pre-treatment and drainage solutions such as grease separators, hydrocarbon separators, pump wells, hybrid lifting stations and KESSEL brand floor drains/gutters.

We complement our range of grease separators with semi-automatic grease traps and solids for under-the-counter application and biological grease separators.

We have also added to our range high capacity hydrocarbon separators, prefabricated in treated steel for treating hydrocarbon contaminated stormwater. We complete this range with prefabricated hydrocarbon separators in reinforced concrete from the German brand BENE. We have Blucher/ULMA stainless steel floor gutters and industrial drains. We also have aluminum and stainless steel recessed covers for access to the inspection chambers. We complement our drainage range with BLUcher/ULMA brand stainless steel wastewater drainage piping systems. We also have a range of products for siphon drainage of flat stainless steel roofs under the brand BLucher/Ulma. On the treatment side, we offer solutions for the treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater from our partner FIA under the Kingspan brand. In terms of reuse, we offer solutions for the recovery of gray water and rainwater from the German brand GreenLife.

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