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Hotels and Restaurants
Commercial buildings: Hotels, Canteens, Restaurants and Shopping Centers

Drainage systems in hotels, restaurants and canteens have to fulfill particularly high requirements. Hygiene is a top priority for customers and regulatory authorities. Functionality, safety and the price/performance ratio are other important factors for the hotel/restaurant/canteen customers and operator. Where KESSEL products are used, these requirements are taken into account down to the last detail.

We offer KESSEL brand shower drains and gutters for bathrooms and spas. This range allows the concept of high quality and customized bathrooms to be perfectly realized. Customers will want to come back. The shower drains and gutters are easy to operate for the cleaning team. Smooth surfaces allow products to be easily sanitized. Grids and siphons are easily removable. In addition, hair filters, odor retention valves and protection against small parasites, Multistop model. The closing and Lock & Lift system provides added security and strength.
Hotéis e Restaurantes
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